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Message Board               New Bidders Interested to participate in e-tender kindly click on New Bidder Registration to get Login ID and Password. Pl contact us to make your Profile / User ID activate. Phone No. +91-79-40016 866 | 838 | 821. Cell: + 91-90990 90830. e-Mail: ------- Information for RTGS / NEFT Payment Instruction: Pl note, that vendor will get bidder code / account details for NEFT / RTGS Payment once their User ID is activated and it will take 24 hrs (Working Day) time to get the Bidder code from the approval of User ID. Bidder Code will be sent on your Registered e-Mail ID Address and it will be available on our e-Tender Portal also after login. Kindly note that the payment via RTGS / NEFT is required to be made one working day in advance in order to make it available in your Bidder ID. Hence please ensure that you remit funds at-least one day in advance before you would like to make the document fee/EMD payment through RTGS / NEFT option on payment gateway. Bidder(s) are requested to click on Bidder Manual / User Manual for any clarification.Please get in touch with e-procurement Support Team in case any clarification is required.              Important Notification:We have received intimation from ICICI Bank Team that ICICI Bank is in the process of migrating its core banking system - iCore. This activity is scheduled to start at 12 noon on May 9, 2015, Saturday and is expected to complete before 9 a.m. on May 11, 2015, Monday. During the migration period, any inward credits received from other banks in any form will not be available. However, the users can still do the transactions of Document fee payments online. The possible impact during the migration period may be on the following services; 1. Payment via NEFT/RTGS in wallet and credit of funds in wallet. 2. Payment of EMD from available wallet to the department for tender/auction submission. 3. Claims refunds from the wallet. Inconvenience caused is highly regretted.
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Sr. No. Id. Tender No. Department/Unit View NIT Due Date Corrigendum / Amendment Quick Links
1. 42073 KBMC/4639/2015-2016 Health Department

E-Tender for Dialysis Centre to be Started by Kulgaon badlapur Municipal Corporation Council Kulgaon to be given to private institute to management

14/08/2015 15:00 0 Download Documents
2. 41971 KBMC/4582/2015-2016 Store Department

E-Tender for Supply of  articles & Equipment's for handicap person

05/08/2015 16:00 0 Download Documents
3. 41961 KBMC/4588/2015-2016 Public Work Department

E-tender for Construction and inter. Repairing Various department kbmc office and samiti sabhagehav tec. In the kbmc office (Sr. No.4)

06/08/2015 15:00 0 Download Documents
4. 41960 KBMC/4588/2015-2016 Public Work Department

E-tender for Providing and laying RCC Pipe @ west Side in KBMC area (Sr. No.3)

06/08/2015 15:00 0 Download Documents
5. 41959 KBMC/4588/2015-2016 Public Work Department

E-tender for Providing and laying RCC Pipe @ East Side in KBMC area (Sr. No.2)

06/08/2015 15:00 0 Download Documents
6. 41958 KBMC/4588/2015-2016 Public Work Department

E-tender for Construction of Cabin Various Samiti in the KBMC office (Sr No. 1)

06/08/2015 15:00 0 Download Documents
7. 41917 KBMC/VEHICLE/4461/2014-2015/21-07-2015 Vehical Department SUPPLYING OF WATER TANKER INCLUDING FUEL CHARGES ON RENTAL BASIS TO MUNICIPAL COUNCIL (With Driver and Fuel ) (Recall) 19/08/2015 15:00 0 Download Documents
8. 41865 KBMC/4348/2015-16 Electrical Department

E-Tender for Temporary arrangement Halogen Light on Wooden Pole, Generator arrangement, Shooting Light arrangement, Mandap, Stage, Speaker, Chairs, Tables, Baregatings & C.C.Camera, TV Display and Closed to Masjid by Cloths for Ganpati, Navratra-Durga & Maghi Ganpati Visrjan

05/08/2015 15:00 1
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